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"THe JoY We HaVe AnD THe SoRRoW We SHaRe"

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

about an hour from now got class la!! very busy week la!! assignment, project plus this week got touch footies close tournament!! a.k.a touch rugby tournament la.. hopefully this event will be great! about 10 days from now we will celebrate our 51 national day!! our independence day huhu!! then fasting month arrive!! huh... wahhhh!!! so fast ha times runing!!! ermm football updates lak!! my fav team win their first game against sunderland!! yehaaa!! goal by torres! nice one la!! to Man Utd fan!! "APACER WEI????" just draw!! ngehehe!!

torres the scorer!!

huh!!! ok nih dah update dah nih!! ngheheh!! nak panjang2 di lain masa la!! hoho!!!


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