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Saturday, 30 June 2007

hello2 guys!! now already finish 2nd week of new trimester! for this week MMU Falcons Rugby club open booth for registration. Over 40 student become new members of MMU Falcons Rugby Club. huhu!! better than last academic year la... huh.. thanks to all member who gave us support during the registration week.. hoho.. my laptop were using for the booth!! huhuh... Annual grand meeting also already settle! new committee for this academic year already selected! huhu... Babad become new vice president and project director for MMU closed 7's touch rugby tournament. The tournament will be held on 14-15 july! huh.. for MMU students who interested can join us and contact us for registration!! huh! Picture below is MMu falcons rugby club booth!! hoho... simple jek! ekeke...
Main Board!

Activities Board

Full View!

I'm snap this pic!! this full view pic!! ekeke... btw tq for the pic shayyum!! huhu... next week will enter the 3rd week of new trimester!! should be more busy than before!! huhu.. lab session start and many new topic to study!! hhuh.. plus the touch rugby tournament about 2 more weeks to go and this the flyers for that tournament!

hoho! that's all la!!
"Gambatte yo"

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Moshi2!! After long time not update this thing! hoho... my holiday already ended now continue study balik!! hehe... got so many events wooo for this trimester... firsly It fair 2007! I become a commitee for security division!! hoho.. so come la to it Fair at MMU!!! 6-8 July 2007! huhu... Got another event, actually tournament la!! MMU Touch Rugby Closed Tournament! huh.. this is the first time rugby club organize event like this!! huhu... what a good start for new academic year!! huhu.... give clap for MMu Falcon new president Mr. sujak!! huhu!! for this academic year also rugby club have their own t-shirt for tournement ouutside mallacca!! hehe.. cooll dude!! Below pic is the design for the t-shirt!!! check it out!!
front view!
back view!
hoho!! cool rite!! hahaha... but the t-shirt not release yet!!! hehehe.. just wait and see la i wear it!! hahhaha.... hurmmm!! ha... before the new trimester begin at last dapat gak pi mancing kat linggi!! huhuh.. enjoy gle that night!!! i got the big one among my friend!! hahaah!!!! went fishing with geng somban!! hehe.. piran golek and gv!! plus sujak ajis qubis and boy from mallacca!! hehe.... only got one pic for that night!! hoho.. byk jugak la kte org dapat!! hohoho...

huhu!!! tak clear la this pic!!! heheh.. btw tq for the pic mr ajis!!! hehhee... very tired wooo that night!! went back from linggi around 5 a.m la!!! huhu... but we all have fun that night!!! ha... another thing!! golek fishing use cheezel tuh!! hoho.. ikan makan tuh!! dapt naik!! hahaha.. kelakar pon ade!! hehe... ok la that's all la for this blog!! heheh... ponek dah nih!!! hahhaa.. bye!!!

"gammbatte yo to all"

Friday, 8 June 2007

huh!! just one more week to finish my holiday!! huhu.. what a short holiday! hoho... for this week.. a little bit enjoy and busy la.. firstly went to pd to visit Lan mys schoolmate and then want to go fishing on monday night!! hoh.. went to pd with my NAP 6321 single rider!! hehe.. gv and sujak wit their kriss!! huhu... but what a bad luck that night, sujak and gv accident on that night! straight tak jadi memancing la!! huhu... for the next day very2 busy!! ngan tak tdo nyer!! sent my sisiter to my aunt for her tution and then drove a car for my mom to work!! at the same day must went to pd to fetch gv and sujak!! their kriss already rosak la!! hohooh... really2 tired on that day.. for the next day watching pirates of the carribean lak!! with my sister !! huhu... bukan ngan "AWEK" yer! hoho.. what an interesting movie!! style gle la..!! huhu... especially captain jack sparrow!!! cool gle doe!! hohohoh!!

below pic is the trio of the black pearl!! hoho... captain barbosa!! captain elizabeth!! and Captain Jack Sparrow!! hohoo... lastly davy jones!! die already!! hahah... really hate that guy!! hoho...

huhu!!! stop la wayang nyer citer!! huhu... on the next day actually watching movies again!! hoho... tp with my family and sedara mare!! hoho.. waris jari hantu!! sengal jer citer tuh!! hahha.. malas nak cakap!! ekeke...!! after that maen bowling with sedare mare!! guess who is the champion!! hahaha.. thursday lak! pi melaka!! sent my luggage and clean up my messy house!! hahaha... now already clean luar setinggan dalam banglo ma!! hahaha... td maen bowling lagi!! tp the worst game ever! my last game score only 97!! shit!!! deym!!! but overall for 4 games third la!! dari 5!! hoho... congrats to piran become our champion today!! hohoho.. sujak 2nd!! hoho golek 4th and last place yeos!! hahaha.... aper cite!! kate terrer!! hoho... ok la...!!! lapar la..!! nak gi makan!! bye!

Saturday, 2 June 2007

hoh! actually just arrived from bandar penawar this evening! huhuh... what a tired days at bandar penawar! and me is the only one driver!! huhuh!! this is because my sister have an annual hksbp (hari kebudayaan sekolah berasrama penuh) at sains kota tinggi!! huhu... my sister take part in debate for BM! anyway she felt a little sad because lose to smap labu in the second round! but i'm a little bit happy cause sdar got 3rd place in basketball!! huhu.. yeahh!! go sdar go!! huhuh... a little bit enjoy la watching my junior played!! huhu.. after the end of the event a bored day come!! have a 2 night stay at pulai beach resort!! and dunno wut to do at that place!! bandar penwar it's like a dead city!!! hahhaha.. bank pon tak der!! siot!!! plus no one reply my message for the 2 night!! huhu.. dah la bosan gle!! just go down to the lobby and pusing2 jer!! hohoh.. ape2 pon dah sampai paroi dah!! hoho.. tomorrow got futsal plak!! huhu.. with baba street geng!! hope next week will more happening!! hahaha... huh!! dunno wut 2 say la!! 3 o'clock already!! hohoho.. mau tdo!! hehe. that's all!!! "gambatte yo"


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