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"THe JoY We HaVe AnD THe SoRRoW We SHaRe"

Sunday, 9 March 2008

hey guys!! i'm back again!! huhu.. Since last week got so many things happen!! huh.. A transformation to be more good or not good?? huh.. the night before "General Election 2008" as usual me and my friends went to have a dinner together!! heh.. enjoy and laugh together!! hehe.. but that since "transform" into "emo" mood!! huh.. this thinggy happen at food court nearby town huh!! after we have dinner and chatting together we plan to prank mr ajis!! just for fun only!! hehe.. we go there with 3 motorcycle and 1 car!! huhu.. mr ajis go with mad car!! huhu.. "ajis got punk!!" hoho... we left ajis at that restaurant, ajis don't have transport to go back!! but actually we not left him!! just hide nearby the restaurant!! huhu... ajis really angry!! huhu.. what we called "emo" suddenly ajis disappear!! huhu.. we all try to find him!! but he also hide!! hehe.. finally ajis went back home! with his friend!! Utem student!! or "ganu fren" heh... since this evening he emo with me!! not talking or make jokes!! hehe.. but tonight he return to normal back!! hehe.. ' transform to normal!! hahaha.. ok ajis don't be emo la!! just kidding ok!! we are friend rite!! hohoho!!

mr ajis!!

hoho!! the next transformation!! is on my studies!! hehe.. from got many free time to busy mode!! hoho.. last evening i got mid term test for EET1176!! huhu.. and the day after tommorow got another test for EME2046!! busy!! got so many topic to cover!! hoho... next week is mid term break!! hoho.. "cuti2" huhu.. but cannot forget the studies!! because the day after mid term break got test fot EME1066!! huhuh... busy2!! but i think still got time for the updates!! hehe...

exam!! exam!! exam!!

huh!! and other thing is General Election 2008!! huhu.. a transformation!! from dominating to only win by majority!! huhu.. surprisingly "Barisan Nasional" or governement, the government lost too many places in this season election!! From only 1 states win by "PAS" now 5 states!! huh.. "PAS" owned Kelantan as usual, plus Kedah! Perak, Selangor And Penang owned by "DAP" huh!! it's a very surprise result!! huh... i'm so worried what happen to malaysia on the future!! huh!! below is the result for general election 2008

"Barisan Nasional" wins 140 parliamentary over 222!! huh.. it's only majority! Hopefully, Malaysia will stay to be a peace country!! huhu.. and transform to be better and better!!! Actually I'm suppose to polling for this general election!! but I'm not register yet!! huh!! Just wait and see the result!! I'm predict that Barisan Nasional will dominating this general election!! but surprisingly, became like this!! huh!!! Pic below it's just a funny pic in this general election!! huhu...

hehe!! funny rite!! hehehe... hoh!! tired already la!! that's all!! wait for more updates!! heheh... have a peaceful day and transform to be a better person not a bad person!! transformation to be better and better!!! huhuh

"gambatte kudasai"



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