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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

back... at last!! heheh... dunno why i'm so lazy to update this blog for a long while!! hahha... now i'mheh.. sorry to all friend who are visits my blog but still not updated!! heh... this week entering 5th week of trimester 2007/2008 huh.. sekejap jer rase!! got quiz this thursday!! hopefully can pass with flying colours!!! to frens who also taking this quiz gud luck to them!! heh.. especially ajis, adib, bob kuntil, syafiq, ekram, and my mechi classmate!! hopefully we can do it okay? this trimester subjek is:






huh!! my class are totally pack!! plus got so many lab to attend , report!! huaaaaaa!! hehe...malas pon ade!! but in everything we do, not only in studying to be a good engineer, we have the good attitude to become a good one!! we must strive until the end!! never give up!! huhu.. tibe2 semangat lak!! ekeke....

about blogs thingy actually, got another blogs for those who want to download a japanese drama series!! u all can download it from there via torrent!! the link is!!

i will update!! for new drama soon!! heh!!! ok !! that's all!!


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