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Thursday, 23 August 2007

huh!! hola2 guys!! hurmm what 2 say huh!! lately felt a little bit lazy to update this blog!!hohoh... so many reason wooo tak update!! hehehe... firstly there only one month to the final exam so a little bit busy, essemen ler test la!! i still got 2 test for becoming days!! hohoh.. 2ndly... dah main Dota doe skarang!! haha.. that's why tak update!! on9 pon jarang!! hohoh... so many things happen lately!! huhuh.. birthday ajis is the best event!! huhuh... ajis got punk!! ahahaha... papehal pon ajis dah besar 18 tahun dah siot!! hahahaha... another thing, a few members became a singer wooo!! karaoke la!! hahha... galak lak budak2 nih!! huhuhu.... merdeka night me and a my friends have bbq at kundur!!! hohohoh!!! before that played badminton at batu berendam hall!! huhuhu... so many activities that night!!! huhuh... and the best news for me la!!! LIverpool beat Derby County 6-0!! hahaha... Nice one la Liverpool!! huhuhu.... Liverpool new striker became hero that night!! uhuh.... 2 goals huhuhu... hope Fernando Torres will maintain their performance!! huhuh... and hopefully liverpool will become EPL champions this season!! hohohoho!!

yeah!! liverpool you'll never walk alone!! huhuh.... hurmm!! aper lagi ek!! ha... i want to promote u all guys!! watch this japanese drama!! huhu... HANAKIMI!! huhu.. best doe!! huhu... it's about girl join boys school for someone!! hahaha.... vids below is a little bit scene from that drama!! heheh.... got fro youtube!! hehehe!!!

haaaa!! miss jennito and cik midon!! dah update dah blog nih ha!! hahahaha... k ler !!! that's all la for this time!! huhuhuh.....

"Hikkurikaeru Ai No Mark!!!"

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